Saturday, April 27, 2013


Xokolate heard the machines turned off, that's what never missed to wake him up. He yawned, and his stomach growled. He smiled thinking about last night. They had a lot of fun. He wondered what the girls had planned for tonight. At first he didn't want to play their games because he could never chose what they were going to do but staying alone was a little boring. Now he was impatiently waiting to see what they were going to prepare. He wanted to stay with them during the night too but they always said it was better to separate so that the humans wouldn't find them. It was a bit strange because the humans didn't seem to try to find them or to care about them but the girls had said that if the humans were to find him, they would eat him. Xokolate thought that was even stranger but the girls were really scared of humans.

One night, a human had come to the factory. It was a very big human. Xokolate wondered why humans were all so big. The bigger thing in this human was his stomach. He was wearing a shirt but one of the button had popped out. The girls had gone into hiding and Xokolate had stayed to look at the man. He had a machine to make light in his hand, the girl said it's called an amp but Xokolate was not too sure, the girls always made mistake about the name of things, they had called him Xokolate when they had found him but now he knew the real name was Chocolate. The girls had defended themselves saying that Chocolate was for the one like him that didn't move and that's why he needed a different name but he didn't believe them. They were called Mind and Strawberry and that was exactly the name on the tank where they were coming from. But he was used to his name already so he didn't mind. The X was cool anyway. There were magazines in the office about people called X-men, he felt like with his X he was a bit one of them. He would go out to find them soon but first he had to grow up and to learn more about the scary humans.

The light went off. Xokolate put his ear on the door of the closet where he had been hiding for the day. Sometimes, they would turn off the light and then come back. He was looking at the little hole on the door to see if they were staying black. They were. He heard the sound of the keys turning into the door lock. Then he counted to one hundreds. The girls had said that to count to one hundred was enough to know that the humans had gone away. The door of his closet opened suddenly. He startled and hit his head at the top. The girls were laughing at him. They were always holding each others hand, that seemed to him so mysterious. Mind was the green one. Her skin was light green and her hair a lot darker and she was wearing a white dress. Strawberry was the pink one. Her skin was light pink and her hair much darker. She was wearing the same white dress. Xokolate didn't know where the clothes came from, he didn't have any when he went out of the tank, the girl gave him some the next day. They were always having secret. Xokolate minded a little.

He went out of the closet. The girls were jumping up and down.
"Let's eat! let's eat!"
"Hello", Xokolate said. The girls had bad manners but he didn't want to be like them.
"Hello", they repeated with the same voice.
He didn't give them too much attention, he was too hungry for that. He walked straight to the chocolate tank and climbed the ladle. He looked down inside of it not believing his eyes. The girls were already taking their clothes off at the top of their tanks as if nothing happened. Empty, his tank was all empty...

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  1. You have such interesting characters. Good use of the X!