Friday, April 19, 2013


I don't have a character whose name starts with a Q so for today's A-to-Z Challenge post my characters are going to be answering questions from readers.

Where are your characters from?
Demian: I'm from Teneria of course, why aren't you from Teneria too?
Dylan : I'm from London but a London you weren't born early enough to know.

What are your characters strengths and weakness? 
Dylan : I don't have any weaknesses.
Viorel : He has a bunch.
Dylan : No I don't, I can show you I don't.
Brownie: I know a certain vampire who tried to jump on a girl to make her see his point and ended up with a big huge headache.
Viorel : He fainted.
Dylan : I did not, I'm the most scary vampire out there and if it wasn't for this thing you injected me with.

How do they smell? 
Kallisto: Seti smells like flowers
Seti blushes and looks away : That's only the shower gel, don't tell anyone or they'll giggle.

Is there a certain dream your characters have that no one knows about? 
Isakael: I dream to become a demon.
Everybody look around amazed.
Isakael: just kidding, she asked that dreams that no one knows about, do you think I'm going to tell her ? 

What are their hobbies? 
Grenadine : I like to draw
Brownie: As long as she had an orange pen that is.
Grenadine : Even if I don't
Brownie: I still need to see that.
Hitomi: I like to draw
Raphael: I like to build things, like with lego
Ethan: I do science, most of the time.
Gideon: repairing things but it's more of a necessity than a hobby.

Dylan : Do I look like I need a pet.
Daciana : Dylan.
Dylan : Hey not in public.
Mark : I have a turtle and it likes to climb on my skate board.
Sahel : the dark shadow.
The dark shadow slides away muttering something unintelligible. 

Where do they go on vacation? 
Dylan: thinking about it, I haven't been anywhere in a long time.
Tito: In the haunted house/
Hitomi: that's not a vacation place and it's not even haunted.
Tito: It is, it is!
Hitomi: I go to Teneria.
Brownie: yeah but you go there even after school. I've been to New-York once.
Grenadine: yeah I remember that it was awesome.

How do they feel about social media? 
Dylan: social what?
Jane: That's what civilized people do on computer, they meet each other and talk. 
Dylan: Yeah but I can't bite a computer, it's rather pointless.

Do they roller skate? 
Mark : yes, yes yes ! but I fall all the time, skate board is better.
Brownie: I like to roller skate with Sahel.
Grenadine: he flies and doesn't even let your feet touch the ground.
Brownie: yeah, that's the all point.

What was their favorite class in elementary school? Teacher?
Tan: Am I suppose to have one.
Hitomi: I liked when the teacher read us stories.
Tan: you said that now because you are not in elementary school anymore.
Hitomi: No, I really did enjoy it, or describing picture was fun too.
Tan walks away.
Melody: The teacher is not bad.
Tito: That's because you're lucky, ours make us wash our hands before lunch.
Hitomi: That's normal.
Tito: It depends what people do with the water. 
Hitomi: Oh that! 

What was their most embarrassing moment? 
Sahel: When I discovered that I was scared to fly.
Azazel: You can't be scared to fly, you're a demon.
Sahel: I'm not scared anymore but I used to be.
Azazel: How is that even possible, really, you just do it some day and realize you are flying.
Sahel: Hey, I didn't have other demons around to show me that. What's yours by the way?
Azazel: My what?
Sahel: Your most embarrassing moment.
Azazel: I don't have one.
Sahel: Come on, we all have one.
Azazel blushing like crazy: No I don't really.
Evalynn: One time he was changing and some part of his body...
Azazel jumps on her putting a hand on her mouth: Nothing really nothing hahaha


  1. I love how you had character commentary on the questions. It's so cute.

  2. That's AWESOME!! Great post!
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine