Saturday, April 13, 2013


Luna was sitting under the fairy tree meditating. Peter and Atreju knew that when she was in that state it was better to leave her alone but she hadn't moved for about two hours and they were starting to be hungry. 
Peter pulled on Atreju's sleeve to make him come with him. They left Luna alone under the tree. It was not a tree like others, it had a very large trunk with a hole in the middle. Luna was still too small to reach it but that's where she had the boys felt her message for the Fairy World. 

She still remembered the first time she had ever seen a fairy. At times it seemed that she had always been able to see them but she knew that there had been a first time. She was crying alone under the tree. She had been bullied at school again for being weird. She didn't know what was so weird about herself. She felt that she was rather banal, just like any other kids but they had decided that she wasn't. They had decided that there was something wrong about her and that they would teacher her how to be the right way. Some times it was about her hair if she had decided to attach them in a different manner or not at all. Sometimes it was her clothes, she wasn't wearing anything properly. Even when she had the same clothes than another girl it wasn't good, she shouldn't have copied. She didn't even copy anyone it was just an accident. Sometimes it was because she was bright and had the right answer to questions no one else could understand. Sometimes it was because she wanted to read during the break, she didn't have anyone to play with anyway. No matter how hard she tried to be accepted, no matter how "normal" she tried to look like, there was no way to please them. 

So after school she had been crying again and she didn't even want to come home. At home every body would say that it was ok that the other kids were just stupid. But it wasn't ok. Even though they were all stupid, she wanted them to stop, she wanted to play with someone, she wanted to be "normal". That day she sat under the tree and cried until she felt asleep of exhaustion. Crying so much was tiring. 
She was awaken by a strange crystalline noise. It was moving around near her head, tickling her ears. She opened her eyes and scratched her ear to remove the strange sensation. 
"Bouh", the little creature said. 
Luna didn't startle, she wasn't the type to get surprised easily.
The little creature put a hand on her hips and started to blow on her fingers. She was standing in the air, just in front of Luna's face. 
She started to make some strange noise. 
"It's ok, another blind one", Luna managed to understand.
She wondered why she could understand that but it was normal to understand strange things in a dream. She started to extend her hand to touch the creature but she thought she might be rude.
"Hello", she whispered. 
 The little creature started her complicated movement again.
"Halt everyone, the big one said something"
"I'm not big", Luna answered.
The fairy came closer to her face making signs with her hands in from of Luna's eyes. Luna followed the movement wondering what it could mean.
Then the fairy flew a bit further away.
"Can you really see me?" she asked.
"Yes", Luna answered.
The fairy flew away in the branches of the tree and disappeared behind the leafs. Luna sighed, even in her dreams little people didn't want to play with her.
She stood up and dusted her closes realizing that she wasn't sleeping anymore and that it was getting late.
"Really?" the little creature said appearing in front of her face.
"Yes", Luna said, she was starting to get annoyed. She wondered how she could be awake and see the creature at the same time.
The creature turned around.
"How many wings do I have?" 
"About four", Luna said counting on her fingers.
"You're not sure", the creature said.
"You are moving them all the time, if you would keep them still it would be easier."
The little creature flew away again. 
 Luna took few steps to leave but it appeared in front of her again. Then another one, then another one, they were everywhere around her, pulling on her clothes, pulling on her hair, talking to each other so fast with their strange movement that she couldn't even follow the conversation. Luna was giggling, it was so funny with them. People at school will never believe it but she wouldn't tell them, it would just make her look weirder. she was feeling very happy.
They pushed her toward the tree under the hole. She was too small to reach it so they pushed a book out of it.
"Fairy doctor" was written on the cover.
"So you want me to read this", Luna said.
"You can see us and you are a girl so you are a fairy doctor, we had been looking for you a long time, this belongs to you", the little creature she had first met said.
Luna took the book and stroke the leather cover, if felt familiar in her hand. 
"Luna what are you still doing out? It's time for dinner", her brother called her from the house's door. 
"Thank you", Luna whispered to the fairies. She grabbed her school back and ran to the house.

Luna is a character of Demon Soul

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