Friday, April 12, 2013


The queen of the people of light was checking the stars' prescription while rocking her new born son sleeping in his cradle. She couldn't see anything to prevent the fate of her land. The demons had failed in preventing the god of Chaos to be reborn and it would be here soon but it was unclear when. It seemed to be fading every time she was to know the exact day.
She threw the parchment away looking at the baby fast asleep. He didn't know what was awaiting him yet. A servant came running at the door.
"Your majesty, your majesty, the girl is born, she has green sparkling air, she is perfect", the servant said out of breathe.
"Perfect", the queen thought for herself, maybe that was her opportunity to create a new fate for her world, using this girl, using her son.
"I want her to have a different education", the queen fairy said, she had been thinking about it a long time, changing the fate written in the stars.
"I do not understand", the servant said lowering her head and the top of her body as much as she could looking at the ground to be forgiven for her rudeness.
"Was she placed in the princess palace yet?" The queen said evasively, getting up and walking to the window. The night was dark and without stars as if they were purposely hiding to let her continue defying them.
"No, we are waiting for your majesty", the servant said.
The queen turned around and walked fast toward the door, passing the servant to go to the nursery. 
It looked like a garden filled with different kind of flowers, bigger than the normal side and inside of them were eggs. Some were really pink and some were blue, the queen fairy walked toward the lilies from where voices could be heard. Every body seemed to be amazed at the baby girl. She had fair skin and her eyes were already wide open throwing sparkles all around her. People were gathering to be touched and blessed by them. Her green hair was filled of fairy powder. 
"Bring me the wish book", the fairy queen said looking at the little girl.
"Your majesty", a servant said.
The fairy queen opened the book and started to go over wishes.
"Those are perfect, send her there", she said pointing at an address in the human world. 
"But your majesty, she should be send to the princess palace she is to marry prince Kordelius and..." one of the servant started.
She stopped and bowed as low as she could under the fairy queen's cold eyes.
"It's an order", the fairy queen said turning around to leave.

"Good bye little Kallisto", the servant said letting the baby girl in the garden of a human couple. 
"May the stars be with you as they know you are going to need it."
The servant shed some tears and left.

Kallisto is one of the main characters of "Demon and fairy".

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