Friday, May 17, 2013

Demon and fairy illustration part one : drafts

I recently finished to work on the update of Demon Soul so I am back at preparing "Demon and fairy" for publication. I am going to pass on the details of me wanting to have "Demon and fairy" ready last June and hope that it will finally be out next month. I only have copy editing left and it's always the harder part for me. I might have one friend or two helping a bit if I'm lucky. I also need to make sure that the book is consistent with the ending of Demon Soul, I don't want to realize too late that I have forgotten something. So lots of fun awaits me for the next month an a half. I hope I won't turn up hating the book too much. :)

One part of preparing the book for publication is the art work. I was asked recently on a comment on my first blog post for WeWriWar if I do the art work of the blog myself and yes I do.
I like to design my cover and to illustrate my books. As I'm working on "Demon and fairy" I wanted to present you some early art work. So here are the draft of the first few illustration to be presented in the book. I like to draw the hero and nice characters a lot but this time I also let myself draw on of the bad guys even though he is not the most terrible of them. I hope you will enjoy them and that you will leave me a lot of comment telling me what part you like about them and what I can do to improve before the book is out.

Very early drawing before I even started to write the novel. Seti protects Kallisto from the snake.

Evalynn and Azazel, they have a very tumultuous relationship

Seti escaping through the window.

The twins' father, he is a bad guy but probably not the scariest.

Seti and the flower.

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