Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaNoWriMo : Demon World part 4 & Tips 4

First of all, sorry for the delay, with my crazy internet connection (or more accurately lack of connection) getting to publish something on yudu and having time to post it on a blog is not as easy as it should be. Anyway better later then never (as long as we don't miss the NaNo dead line) here is the next part of "Demon World".
I'm just on track for a normal NaNo but I didn't give up the idea of having few days advance really soon (like tonight).
If you are familiar with my writing ( "Demon Soul", "Demon and Fairy", "Attic Mirror", "Harajuku kiss") you will notice that this one is a bit different as a lot of things are happening simultaneously in three different places. The main reason why I am a bit late with my writing (other than the move) is that I developed some new characters.
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Generally I use the same good old characters (Brownie, Sahel, Seti... ) actually I have a bunch of them, and most things happening at the same place, there is no problem with that. As this time part of the story happens on the bad guys side, I needed to create a lot of different new characters and that took a bit of time. For character creation I generally use few tricks to make sure they are three dimensional.
1) I give them a background (the back ground tells who they are what had happened to them in the past, this can be used as flashback, so it's very useful)
2) I give them emotions (as an example you can see that Davon is mostly driven by fear, fear of quitting, fear of being killed it things change, so he is kinda stuck and don't want to interact much with people) the emotion predict the characters' reaction.
3) I create a like between the characters (See the relationship between Sahel and Brownie)
 Basically you  can either write little paragraphs about each character's background or list characteristics with explanation sentence, just remember that the more details you know about your characters, the easier they will be to handle in the story.
So the tip of  the day is : Flashbacks add three dimensions to your characters and words to your word count.

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