Saturday, November 3, 2012

NaNoWriMo : Demon World part 2 & Tips 1

Here is the second part of "Demon World" which was written yesterday. I didn't mentioned it earlier but I set my daily word count goal to 2500 instead of the normal 1667 words and there is a good reason for it.
When I first participated to NaNoWriMo three years ago, I had only until the 20th of November to get to 50000 words as I was going to Peru on 20th of November. Therefore I needed to write more than usual. I realized then that it was actually a very good idea and it was also very motivating. It's motivating to see your word count rise and even more motivating to see it rise quickly. It also gives you a sense of security, even if you miss one day of writing, you will still be on track. Of course you want to write every day, but everybody can have to stay in bed with a fever, or have to attend a party or have homework/work to do.
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I decided to give tips on how to win NaNoWriMo  after winning it three times and winning other writing contest of the kind (JanNoWriMo, Script frenzy, JuNoWriMo, AugNoWriMo) I finally feel qualified.
So the first tips is : Write as much as possible as fast as possible
Nobody here is asking you for quality writing (yet, novel editing month is in March, don't ruin it) what you need is quantity, what you need is to get to the finishing part of your novel, what you need is to get to 50000 words, so if you have to add a grocery shopping list to your novel, go for it (more on that later). 

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